FR 2021 Breakouts Sneak Peek

Break out and stand out with these sessions expertly crafted for you and your business.

  • Burn Bright: Build a Solo Business That’s Built to Last
  • Build a Scalable and Sustainable Admin-Only Sales Business
  • Run Lean to Succeed with a Small Sales Team
  • Coach and Mentor Your Way to Success with a Large Sales Team
  • Think Big, Grow Responsibly: Build a Sustainable Expansion Business
  • Scale Your Team’s Operations with Big Models and Systems
  • Prepare for the Next Market: Lean in to Coming Opportunities for Buyers and Sellers
  • Strengthen Relationships to Broaden Your Sphere
  • High End Marketing Strategies for Luxury Agents
  • Go Farther Together: Turn the Real Estate Industry Into a Force for Equity
  • Lead Commercial Renters to Become Owners
  • Seal the Deal: Win the Day with Your Competing Offer
  • Achieve Service Excellence: Deliver a Luxury Experience Your Clients Will Remember
  • Crisis into Opportunity: Reimagine Commercial Space for a Post-Covid World
  • Design Your Digital Consumer Experience Strategy
  • Farm Your Way to the Future: New Strategies for Winning Leads

These breakouts are subject to change.

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