Family Reunion 2020 Breakouts Sneak Peek


These breakouts are subject to change.

Lead Generation

  • Lead Conversion: From Lead to Close
  • Best Practices Closing Deals Across State Lines
  • National Developer
  • Connect to Your Clients & Generate Leads with YouTube
  • Lead Generation: Grow Your Business
  • Timeless Skills
  • Go Hyperlocal To Get More Business
  • Pick Up the Phone to Pick Up Your Profit
  • Door Knocking: Don’t Knock It ‘Til You Try It
  • Give and You Shall Receive: Make Agent Referrals Work For You
  • Event-ful Lead Gen: Cultivate Through Client Events
  • Master Your Local Market: Farm Your Way to Success
  • Open the Door To New Opportunities: The Key to Effective Open Houses
  • Focus on Friends and Family: Grow Your Database with Your Sphere
  • The One to Beat: Boost Your Value Proposition with Local Expertise
  • Win Big with First-time Home Buyers
  • Launch in Land


  • At Their Command: Your Consumer App
  • Command More Referral Business
  • Command Your Marketing
  • Command Your Transactions
  • Command Your Social Presence
  • Command Your Listings
  • Command Your Day, Command Your Future
  • Your Command Center: Command Mobile

Business Planning/Systems/Models

  • CREW/Commercial Real Estate Women
  • Big Models to Big Business: How Top Agents Leverage the MREA
  • Strategic Ways to Attract More Luxury Business Through Creating Urgency, Utilizing Unique Marketing and Top-Notch Service
  • Find Success By Using the Proven KW Models
  • BOLD: New Models, New Mindset
  • MREA Year One

Agent Productivity

  • SHIFT: Thrive in Any Market
  • What Ceiling? Megas’ Stories of Breaking Through
  • Time Blocking – Proven Ways to Protect and Accomplish Your ONE Thing Without Getting Distracted


  • Marketing in a Digital Era
  • #Blessed, Not Stressed: Social Media Best Practices
  • Win More Farm, Ranch, and Land Listings
  • Leveraging Top Tools and Techniques for More Luxury Listings
  • Luxury Farming in The City – Creating Agent Branding/ Marketing that Stands Out in High-Density High-Rise Areas

MC Profitability

  • OP Masters: The Market Center of the Future
  • OP Masters: Set Your Vision and Engage Your People
  • MCA Masters: Limit Expenses, Expand Your Profit
  • Leadership: Build a Million Dollar Market Center
  • Leadership: Protect Your People and Profit
  • Leadership: Grow Profitability Through Expense Management
  • Leadership: Lead Your ALC to GCI Growth

Wealth Building

  • Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunities / Cash Flow 101
  • Maximizing the Retail Opportunity / ICSC
  • Wealth Building Maximizing your Personal Financial Growth
  • Grow Your Business and Your Personal Wealth – Leverage Real Estate Investing
  • Plan for the Long Term: Wealth Building Through Profit Share
  • Build Wealth Through Investing
  • The Millionaire Land Agent
  • Design a Wealth Building Machine to Live Your Biggest and Best Life Possible

Agent Transition/Onboarding

  • MCA Masters: Successful Agent Transitions and Onboarding


  • Agents and Assistants: Power Up Your Partnership
  • The 7 Models of the Perfect Real Estate Assistant


  • Build an Unbeatable Buyer System

Career Visioning/KPA

  • OP Masters: Attract a Talented Team Leader
  • Deep Dive into the KPA

Command for Market Centers

  • MCA Masters: Streamline Your Market Center’s Systems with Command


  • TL Masters: No One Succeeds Alone


  • Deliver Value Through the KW Cultural Model
  • Culture in Action

Customer Experience

  • Build the Ultimate Connected Consumer Experience


  • Go Vertical: The Path to a Limitless Life
  • Predictable Income: Achieve Database Liftoff and Propel Exceptional Profit
  • Raise Your Database EQ to Generate Referrals!


  • Expand Your Profit: Maintain Your Profit Standard While Adding a Location
  • Build a Team, Build a Business, Build an Empire, Leave a Legacy
  • 6 Steps to Build a Business Worth Owning (to Fund a Life Worth Living)
  • Build an Empire with Six Time Tested Truths

Financial Management

  • Agent Profitability – Build a More Profitable Business by Putting Profit First
  • Profit Camp: Actually Creating a Life Worth Living

Goal Setting

  • The Three Fastest Ways to Break into Luxury and Increase Your Average Sales Price
  • The BOLD Secret to Success
  • How Billionaires Set Goals


  • Passing Touchdowns: Gaining Yardage Through Partnerships in Real Estate

Keller Cloud/Command – Leadership

  • Leadership: Compliance and Commissions in Command

Leadership Team Collaboration

  • Succeed Through and With Your Market Center Executive Leadership Team


  • Build a Top Team
  • Career Visioning Snapshot
  • Get 60% More Out of Your Hires


  • Win the Listing Every Time
  • Listing Presentation Techniques that Win the Seller!


  • Helping Your People Have a Big Life: The Importance of a Personal Mission
  • Have a Big Life: Discover Your Big Why and Live Your Mission
  • MCA Masters: Find Your Leadership Voice
  • Light My Fire
  • Embrace the Millionaire Mindset
  • Discover Your Big Why and Live Your Mission
  • Create a Life Worth Living


  • Negotiation Skills to Seal the Deal

Productivity Coaching

  • PC Masters: Recruit Production to your Market Center
  • PC Masters: Amplify Your Program with the New Ignite
  • PC Masters: Best Practices for Productivity Coaches
  • Million Dollar Productivity Coach!


  • Recruiting Market Share – Attract the Best in your Market Area
  • How to Win the Hunt for Top Talent
  • TL Masters: Use the KPA for Recruiting and Consulting
  • TL Masters: Attract Cappers to Grow Your Market Share
  • Leadership: Recruiting with the Keller Cloud
  • Master the Needs Analysis and Deliver the 10 Step Recruiting Presentation


  • MCA Masters: Deliver Value to Retain Your People
  • 30-60-90/STO Snapshot


  • Battle of the Script Masters
  • Turn Your Listing Presentation and Buyer Presentation into Academy Award Winning Performances!

Shifting Market

  • Top Tips to Deliver Exceptional Service During a Shifting Market

Small Teams

  • Small yet Mighty, Leveraging Small Teams

Solo Agent

  • Solo Agent: Succeeding On Your Own with Leverage
  • Solo Agent: Rookies Rock

Team Building

  • Build a Big Team to Achieve Big Goals
  • The Opportunity of the 7th Level
  • The Coach Approach to Leading and Developing Your People


  • Ignite Instructors – Get Ready for the New Ignite!

Training Calendars

  • Leadership: Creating a Culture of Training and Engagement

Other Agent

  • Serving Those Who Served
  • Driving Diversity and Leadership to Strengthen Your Business
  • Women in Real Estate

Other Leadership

  • Market Center-Driven HR
  • Grow Your Leadership and Find Your Next Opportunity
  • Become a Young Industry Leader