How To Book A Bundle

The Family Reunion 2021 process will work a little differently than Mega Camp 2020. Follow the steps below to make a bulk order, and remember, groups of 15 or more get a discount!

  • Begin your registration by choosing your personal order category. (Note: you can mix and match categories within a bulk order.)
    • General Admission
    • Non-KW Guest
    • MAPS Coaches
    • Mastery Clients
  • Complete your personal registration, and when asked, “Will you be registering any other attendees for this event?” click “Yes.”
  • You will be brought back to the beginning of registration, where you will choose a category for the next registrant.
  • Provide their name and contact information, and add their ticket to your cart.
  • When asked, “Will you be registering any other attendees for this event?” click “Yes” and repeat the process until all of your registrations are complete.
  • If you have 15 or more registrants in your order, you will automatically receive the FR Bundle Discount. (No coupon code is required.)

Things to keep in mind:

  • A KW associate must be first in the transaction. They will see the registration information and total price for all attendees in the group. The remaining registrants will only see their info and price.
  • You can only make (1) bulk order per email address, so make sure you have all of your registrants accounted for before checking out.
  • You must have all attendee information inputted in order to complete the bundle purchase
  • If you need to make a second bulk order, you can only do so under a different KW email address.
  • Each registrant must be signed up using a unique email address, however, there is an area to add a “CC” if you need to send proof of registration to multiple addresses.
  • The bundle discount is available through February 18, 2021.

Follow the steps outlined above until you have at least 15 registrants in your cart. Your discount of $80/ticket will automatically be applied at checkout. No coupon code is necessary.

More questions?

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