All name badges for Family Reunion will be printed on-site this year!

You will be sent a barcode in your “What To Know Before You Go” email a week before the event. Please print this email and bring it with you to expedite the process! You can also save a picture of the barcode on your phone, or pull up the email on your phone on-site to be scanned. We recommend printing the email ahead of time as the easiest and fastest process. If you do not have your barcode available you will not be let into the quick line and will have to wait for customer service to look you up in the system.

Name Badge
Your name badge will serve as your ticket into the event. Each attendee is required to wear a name badge and wristband at all times during Family Reunion. If you have your badge and any applicable wristbands, you may enter the KW Marketplace (Exhibit Hall) to pick up your materials and lanyard.


Easy-to-follow transfer instructions:
1.    On the main registration page, simply click the “Modify Registration” button.
2.    You will then be prompted to enter your email and reference number. You need both of these items to be able to modify, transfer or cancel.
3.    You can then modify your own information. If that’s all the changes needed, click continue, and you’re all set!
4.    If transferring, enter the name of the new attendee you’d like to transfer to in the yellow search box (if they’re a KW associate) and select them from the drop down list. If they’re not a KW associate, just backspace all of the old attendee’s information and input their information.
5.    Double-check that their information has been entered, particularly their email address.
6.    Click continue.
7.    You’ve successfully transferred your registration to the new attendee. The registration will keep the same confirmation number.


KW MAPS Mastery Clients should contact for assistance.