Family Reunion

February 15-18, 2021

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Welcome to Family Reunion 2021!

It’s almost time to regroup, reconnect, and reenergize your business — digitally and from a safe distance. This year, we’re beaming all of the vision, all of the innovation, and all of the culture directly to your home office. Now that FR is where you are, it’s never been easier to join fellow Keller Williams associates from every corner of the globe for the real estate industry’s most powerful training event! If you thought Mega Camp 2020 was special, just wait until you see what speakers, sessions, and surprises await this February! 

Prepare to Thrive

FR 2021 is all about showing you where the industry is heading and how to win your unfair share along the way. From the Vision Speech to the speakers standing at the cutting edge of the business world, FR 2021 is dedicated to one thing: preparing you to win the real estate market of today AND tomorrow.     

The Digital Revolution is Yours

FR 2021 will be hosted on an industry-leading virtual event platform, but that’s only where the technological innovation begins. Get exclusive access to all of the latest and greatest advances coming out of KW Labs and learn how to use them to maximize your business at follow-along training sessions. You won’t want to miss it! 

The Bigger the Family, the Better

Now that we don’t have to worry about fire marshals limiting our capacity, every member of KW’s 170,000+ family (and anyone in the industry looking to upgrade their career) can join in on all of the learning, training, and networking! There’s no need to stress about missing out on a breakout session or finding a good seat. All you have to worry about is making new connections and boosting your referrals! 

Family Reunion 2021 – the real estate industry’s most powerful training event is bigger and more important than ever before!

Be The First To Know